Parrish, AL Free and Low Income Dental Clinics

We provide lisitngs of:
- free dental clinics
- community dental clinics
- pediatric affordable dental clinics
- homeless dental clinics

Choose for our list of dental clinics in Parrish below. Hopefully this can help you locate a clinic for your dental needs. There is nothing worse than a toothache when you cannot afford to visit a dentist.

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Capstone Rural Health Center

5947 Highway 269
Parrish, AL - 35580
(205) 686-5113
capstone rural health center, this project is supported by funds from the division.divisions:nursing (dn)bureau of health professions (bhpr)health resources and services administration (hrsa)department of health and human services (dhhs)under grant number 1d11 hp00115 the information or content and conclusions o.. click for more details.. provides and updated list of free, affordable and community based dental clinics.

We provide details on the types of clinics including children's clinics, pediatric clinics, adults, low income clinics, homeless clinics.